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Add your logo with the look and feel of your company. Send the PSD file to us and we code the template based on your sketch. Find all the modules included in to this template below.

1. Hidden preheader

Hidden preheader allows you to control the subject line but will not be shown in the actual newsletter.

2. Header

The header is a module with a fixed image width. The picture in the header is often the company's logo.

3. Full width image

Image module with adjustable width.

4. Text

A text column with headline.

5. CTA

CTA module with changeable background colour.

6. Image left, text right

A left-aligned image and right-aligned text column with the headline and link

7. Text left, Image right

A right-aligned image and a left-aligned text column with the headline and link.

8. Textbox

A textbox with image placeholder, headline, link and changeable background colour.

9. Two columns

Two images and two columns of text with headings and links. Can be used with only text or images.

10. Three columns

Three images can be used to create a gallery of 3-9 images.

11. Footer

The footer provides a space to enter the logo, company address, website and email address with link to unsubscribe.

Good design - great success

Responsive design. Elegant modules. Innovative solutions.
Our email designers will add all these elements to your campaigns.

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