About Liseberg

Liseberg AB runs the Liseberg amusement park, which was built for the Gothenburg Tercentennial Jubilee Exposition in 1923.

The park has 42 rides and attractions, various games, music stages, a dance venue and a wide range of restaurants and cafés in a leafy park setting. Close by, you will find comfortable and practical accommodation in the form of hotels, youth hostels, holiday homes and camping – facilities that are open all year round, as is the park’s show venue, Rondo.

From 2015, Liseberg amusement park has had three seasons: its summer season, running from the end of April until mid October, Halloween (ten days around Halloween) and a Christmas season, beginning in mid November and ending between Christmas and New Year. Liseberg is also available for conferences and corporate events all year round.

Our newsletter has been our most important channel for reaching our previous visitors and those interested in Liseberg. The purpose of our mailings is to highlight our broad range, drive conversion to our website, provide information about benefits and send invitations.

Det redaktionella innehållet som vi har högst upp i nyhetsbrevet är det vi tycker är viktigast att förmedla just nu. I det här specifika utskicket ville vi spinna vidare på en lyckad kampanj för vår nya linje mellan Bromma och Arlanda som hade fått stor spridning i sociala medier.

"...with an opening frequency of 36%..."

This particular mailing went out during Easter week, and supported our local Easter campaign. The mail achieved our average value for B2C mail, with an opening frequency of 36% and a click frequency (after 1 week) of 8%, as well as an average conversion percentage. As with all our newsletters to B2C, twice as many people opened it on mobile devices than computers.

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