About KFX

KFX HR-partner is an established consulting and recruitment agency. Our wide network and large commitment make it possible for us to provide interesting and exciting services in the areas of service, administration, finance and HR. We have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Sundsvall.

In 2015 we decided to renew the visual identity and tweak the brand name for KFX HR-partner. As we went from being a supplier to becoming a partner, it was important that all employees still felt a strong connection to KFX. Particularly since most of our employees spend the majority of the time working for other companies.

About the project

To design a newsletter in line with our new visual identity was a natural part of our rebranding project. Our newsletter keeps all employees updated on current news and projects in KFX, both regionally in Stockholm, region West, South, North, and also at the headquarters where management, marketing and the CEO are situated. The newsletter plays a vital part in our efforts to tie our consultants together and become the best employer in the industry!

We had received very positive reactions on the newsletters. Our consultants highly value getting information on what’s going on in the company and it makes them feel as a part of KFX even if they spend most of their time outside the office working with our clients. The internal competitions that we arrange are very popular and we see an increase in the newsletter open rates every time we organise these competitions. Most of the readers open the newsletter on mobile devices on their way to and from the workplace, so it is very important that we can create newsletters that look great on smartphones as well.

"...The open rates are above or around 90%..."

The open rates are above or around 90%, which is fantastic. As long as we keep sending a moderate amount of newsletters with relevant information, I believe we will continue to have good statistics and satisfied employees!

Good design - great success

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