About Flygbussarna

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches offers convenient and good-for-value connections to and from Sweden’s largest airports.

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches offers convenient and good-for-value connections to and from Sweden’s largest airports. We serve Arlanda, Bromma, Skavsta, Västerås, Malmö, Visby and Landvetter, with departures from Stockholm, Norrköping, Linköping, Gothenburg, Malmö, Lund and also Visby during the summer.

Flygbussarna offers frequent departures to fit in with flight departure and arrival times. Our coaches stop right outside the terminal buildings and our bus stops in the towns we serve are all centrally located, close to transport hubs, sights and hotels. More than three-quarters of our fleet runs on biofuel and we are continuously working to reduce our fuel consumption. Travelling with Flygbussarna is simple, good value and pleasant.

The project

We wanted to achieve several things with our mailings. Our newsletter was already one of our most important channels for communicating with our customers. We could inform them about the launch of new routes, new functions in our app and new ticket types. We were also strengthening our brand by building up our long-term relationship with our readers, including us offering travel tips and getting them involved in our competitions.

Since we are a commercial company, one of our primary goals was to sell a large number of journeys to and from airports. Purchases had to be only a click away, along with any other information a customer could require. Every newsletter had links to our website, ticket purchasing and customer service. After each mailing, we followed up on visits and conversion statistics using Google Analytics. We experienced a high level of interest from our readers, and the feeling that they wanted to help us become even better by sharing their experiences and putting forward ideas. It was extremely valuable!

The editorial content at the top of the newsletter is what we felt most important to communicate right then. In this particular mailing, we wanted to expand on a successful campaign for our new route between Bromma and Arlanda, which had achieved wide circulation on social media.

"...from an opening frequency of around 22% to 26%..."

We used the “Test your headline” function prior to all our mailings. In our first mailing with APSIS, we went from an opening frequency of around 22% to 26%, which we were very happy with. We also took the opportunity to ask our readers through the survey module what they thought of our new newsletter and received a positive response and appraisal, which was pleasing. What generated the most clicks in our newsletter was the competition, where you could win coach tickets or a prize from one of our partners. We used the competition form to ask questions that would provide useful information for us, or that linked up with a campaign or message we wanted to communicate. We usually had close to 500 entrants in our competitions, and they were always very happy when they win.

"...more people opened it on a mobile device than on computer..."

As mobile usage is gradually increasing over time, it is difficult to determine what is specific to our mailings and what is a general trend. However, we did feel that our newsletter worked equally well on mobile devices as computers or tablets. With our latest mailing, more people opened it on a mobile device than on computer.

Why complicate it?

APSIS designers are experts at specifically designing newsletters and have close contact with the programmers. It also seemed good value and was a quick process. We emailed our graphic profile, a document with our vision and a few ideas about how we wanted the design to look and what modules we wanted. It makes it easier if you, as a supplier, have thought through what you want to communicate in your newsletter. It’s then simpler for the designer to get things right for you. A few adjustments will always be necessary, but we felt that our APSIS designer was helpful and responsive to our needs, and we were very happy with the results of our work together.

Good design - great success

Responsive design. Elegant modules. Innovative solutions.
Our email designers will add all these elements to your campaigns.