About The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Childhood cancer is the most common cause of death for children aged 1-14 years. Our vision is to eliminate childhood cancer and to achieve that we are in need of raising money for research. Businesses are a key target group, and we are very glad that a lot of companies help us fighting childhood cancer.

About the project

We asked APSIS to create a new template that was responsive, clean and adjustable for multiple target groups. We wanted the newsletter to reflect our core values, which are hope, courage and responsibility. For this particular mailing, we wanted to thank all the companies who helped supporting us. We also took the chance to show the last year's fantastic results of 235 million SEK generated for research. We also included an inspiring article on how the research has helped Joel. In addition, we added a feature that made it easier to get in touch with us.

Several companies approached us with ideas for new collaborations! One asked for permission to send the article about Joel all employees. Another one published the "Thank-you-newsletter" on Instagram. Since we had dynamic data with the company name, it all became very neat and sharable.

Good design - great success

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